Do you ever worry about your motorcycle being stolen, and how to prevent it from happening? Well now you can STEP INTO THE 21ST CENTURY and stop worrying. Don't use old, antiquated recovery systems by default. With our time tested SekurRide GPS Tracking System; we put YOU in charge of your own assets. There is no need to call and activate your system if the motorcycle is stolen because the system will contact you in REAL TIME to let you know if your motorcycle is moving without authorisation.

Overview :

SekurRide GPS Tracking System

Activate the Geo Fence and your motorcycle becomes surrounded with an Invisible Electronic Fence. If the motorcycle is moved outside the circle you will receive a phone call or text message in REAL TIME as the movement is occurring. If your motorcycle is picked up and put into a truck or onto a trailer you will be notified in REAL TIME that the motorcycle is moving with the ignition off. It is what we at Sekurus call a towing violation. It is way too late to recover the motorcycle after you discover the theft. By the time you call the police, fill out a theft report, then wait for the police to call your antiquated 'anti-theft company' to activate the system, your motorcycle will be miles away. Even worse than that, if the local police are not equipped with the correct recovery equipment for your system you will NEVER recover your motorcycle. The SekurRide Real Time GPS Tracking System can be easily hidden in many different locations. We have thousands of tracking units throughout the world and we can proudly say that we have a 100% recovery rate. No playing games with statistics, when we say 100%, we mean 100%. Furthermore, since the system is REAL TIME you can log into our website and track your entire trip by the minute or by the hour. At Sekurus asset protection is our specialty. You do not hear our company name taking credit for the recoveries because we do not care for the publicity. Our only concern is the protection of your valuable assets. Our SekurRide GPS Tracking System is user friendly, cost effective, and for subscribers to our Service Plans the system always on standing by 24/7 to help recover your motorcycle as the theft is occurring. Our system provides this valuable protection FOR PENNIES PER DAY.


  • 24/7 Vehicle tracking & control.
  • Remote engine immobilisation.
  • Ignition, kick stand & power interrupt sensor.
  • Low battery alerts, internal back up battery.
  • Over-speed detection calls & SMS.
  • Remote access via phone, SMS, PC or Internet.
  • Voice menu status selection.
  • SMS updates, reports & alarm notifications.
  • Covert installation, silent alarm.
  • Very low current consumption, just 1mA in deep sleep.
  • Black box recorder – data logger.
  • Tow detection.
  • Waterproofing kit (Optional).
  • Remote activation & deactivation Siren, control horn & headlight if connected.

All SekurRide systems require a GSM SIM that is / GPRS enabled card to be provided by the customer. Call costs are applicable in accordance with the SIM plan and network carrier you have selected. Good performance is subject to good GSM communications provided by your selected network operator and GPS satellite acquisition. See specs for further information.

The Kit

SekurRide is an advanced security and tracking system uniquely designed for motorcycles from its compact size, power saving and deep sleep modes to its IP65 rated waterproofing housing optionally supplied as with the device.

Within seconds of your motorcycle being moved or the ignition being switched on the unit is designed to call you with an immediate disturbance or potential theft in progress alert. SekurRide is truly the best motorcycle system on the market today.

  • SekurRide Kit Consists of:
  • The solution is suitable for 12 to 24 Volt vehicles.
  • Cable harness for connection.
  • GPS antenna for receiving satellite positioning data.
  • GSM covert antenna for communications.
  • Kill relay & fuse for immobilization.
  • Panic button for emergency dial outs.
  • Wireless activation/deactivation.

Optional Accessories

  • Siren 12V.
  • Backup battery (to be assembled internally on installation).
  • Waterproofing kit.
  • Tilt & G Force sensors are available.
  • Client Map software packages.
  • GPRS Internet membership & premium services.
  • Movement detection.

How It Works?

The SekurRide solution provides an added layer of protection for your motorcycle. The SekurRide solution notifies you directly if your motorcycle is moved without your authorisation. The SekurRide application will alert you by phone, e-mail and/or pager so you can quickly check on the status of your motorcycle. If a theft has occurred, the SekurRide Sekurride Stolen Vehicle Assistance plan enables both you and the police to track and recover your motorcycle even sooner.

  • Receive alerts at work, at home or on the road.
  • Choose up to five methods of contact including phone, e-mail and/or text message.

Since two thirds of motorcycle thefts occur between the hours of 11PM and 6AM – it is critical that you are able to be notified immediately. Make sure to provide a number where you can be reached 24 hours a day. The quicker you are notified the quicker SekurRide can begin tracking your motorcycle. When it comes to your bike, every minute counts.

General Specificationss

SekurRide LiteX (SU1559L)

GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA(UMTS/HSDPA) WCDMA850/900/1900/2100MHz, GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz universal in the world, Voltage Range: 6-36 V DC, Dual model, GPS & LBS positioning, GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-time tracking and history track playback, ACC status ON/OFF vehicle status notification, Built-in battery, Main Power disconnect (Tamper Alert) alert & Low battery alert, Built-in G-sensor, Vibration, collision and fall/Drop alert. Eight Device Level GEO-fence alert, speed & shift alert. Use relay to remotely Enable/ Disable Fuel or starter interrupt, Extend I/O port to add extension function, Multiple protocol support, Integration Act protocol, Over The Air (OTA) Firmware upgradeable /configurable, IP67 Water proof level.

SekurRide GPS (SU505L)

Track on demand or by time interval, Arm/disarm by GPRS, Track the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & Speed etc, Data logger to store 5500 waypoints, Set Speed Alerts, Over-speed Alerts, Tow Alert, G-sensor, Vibration, Engine ON/OFF Alert, Vibration Alert, Built-in Backup Battery, when the motorcycle's battery is cut off or low, Tamper Alert, Enable/ Disable cut off engine to stop the car safely via SMS/GPRS, Monitor the voice(optional), Wide working voltage range, from 6V-45VDC, suitable for motorcycle, Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog, collision and fall/Drop alert.

App Fetures :

With the SekurRide, you can capture your every trip, keep track of your bike's security, get stats about your bike, and share your experiences along the way. The SekurRide App allows you to connect to SekurRide.


  • Automatically capture your every ride.
  • Set up trips before you set out.
  • See your distance, speed, and heading.
  • Add photos + notes along the way.


  • See all of your recent rides in your profile.
  • View details of your previous rides.
  • Add your bike and photos to your Garage.
  • Access the browser-based Rider Dash to view your rides at home or on the go.


  • View your bike's location, wherever you are.
  • Get notifications about your bike's security.
  • Emergency Mode: notify the authorities in case of theft or whenever you need assistance.
  • Take Me To My Bike: get step-by-step directions to your bike.
  • SekurRide Ride Security ( Vibration sensor, Geo-Fence, link to Horn or siren, and remote Arm and Disarm).


  • Get stats about your bike's battery, status, and ignition.
  • Get notified whenever your bike needs maintenance.


  • Share your rides via SMS, email, and Facebook/Twitter.
  • Update your social feeds with your riding activity.
  • Set up Location Alerts to automatically notify someone where you're riding.

* SekurRide App requires the SekurRide device to function. Visit to find out more information about the SekurRide platform, and to purchase the SekurRide device and accessories.

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