The following are just a few of the Features SekurIt OBD II BT (SU128B):

  • Tow alarm, get an instant Alert if your Vehicle is being towed away
  • Sleep mode with Zero power consumption when ignition off
  • Shockproof case, able to withstand a 10m drop
  • Built-in wireless Output that communicates with Anti Tamper for a wireless relay with Latch Circuit. Immobilize the engine if the unit is removed.
  • Remotely immobilize viaour iOS App, Android app or on your PC!
  • RFID (FOD) identifier Up to 10 on approach RFID Immobilize or Unlimited Driver IDon approach
  • Remotely diagnose trouble code (DTC)using our application from your PC!And clear error codes.
  • Diagnose trouble code (DTC)via our iOS App, Android app! And clear error codes.
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