SekurIT Mobile Instantly Check your Vehicle’s Health – Save Time and Money

Savvy consumers always get a second opinion. With SekurIT, you can leverage the expertise of thousands of qualified technicians to know what’s wrong with your vehicle before making an appointment to get it repaired. Plus, catch problems early to reduce cost of ownership and avoid more costly repairs.

Easing important vehicle decisions

The latest SekurIT consumer product, SekurIT Mobile provides insight into , current health and can even predict the likelihood of problems down the road.
Easy-to-understand and requiring no technical experience to use, SekurIT Mobile reports are more than a simple diagnosis offering most likely fix, including parts and labor.
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What it is

SekurIT is more than just a diagnostic tool for your vehicle. It’s a portable and easy-to-use device that tells you what’s wrong with your vehicle and what it will cost to fix (no more guessing). You’re no longer at the mercy of just one mechanic’s opinion; SekurIT’s data is powered by real-life knowledge from thousands of certified technicians and user experiences !

Whether you’re buying a used car, want to properly maintain your vehicle, or your check engine light is on, SekurIT Mobile App provides solutions for everyday vehicle owners.

How It Works

Getting Started is Hassle-free

We will provide you with detailed instructions on where to find the port to plug in your device. You will get the exact location on the dash, along with a picture of what it looks like.

Plug it in

Once you’ve plugged in SekurIT, simply turn on the ignition – no need to start the car. It only takes a minute or two for SekurIT to speak with your vehicle and will let you know when it’s done.

Diagnosis and Fix

When you connect your device to your computer, you’ll get a detailed report with everything you need to solve current problems and stay one-step ahead and the ability to clear the error code up to the point that your resolve the issue and future issues.

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