Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance for Fleet Platforms

Minimize Maintenance For Your Fleet Customers with Our SekurTrack Simple Vehicle Telematics Platform

Use the power of big data to get the full picture of fleet maintenance and uncover hidden trends. SekurIT is your tool to discover, predict and improve.

Our services are available for vehicles globally that are from 1996 or newer.

What you get

Software as a Service

We offer a monthly subscription with no upsells and access to all our features. Our platform is easy to use and can handle fleets of all sizes.

Transparent Data

You don’t need to have a technical background to understand our data. We make sure all the information is easy to understand to help you make faster decisions.

Smarter Fleet Maintenance

SekurIT gives you detailed diagnostics reports for your entire fleet, gives you a list of the right parts as well as the cost and estimated man hours for repairs.

Minimize Risk

Our reports will not only expose current problems, but also manage service reminders, driver information and notify you of trends and issues.

Uncover Hidden Trends

Big data let’s you combine and compare information that would be too much to process for a single database. Our platform will provide you with useful and interesting information to uncover trends or otherwise hidden problems in your vehicle or fleetvehicles.

Reduce Repair Costs

SekurIT estimates the difficulty of repairs, so you can decide whether you need to hire a specialist or use your in-house mechanics. You will also get information on warranty, known issues and recalls not included in the service manuals that may result in free repairs.

Platform Independent

Our SekurTrack platform can easily be integrated in any software platform you already have, so you’ll have all your fleet solutions under one single roof.

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