Vehicle diagnostics for Used Car Dealers

Use the Power of Big Data to Make Trade-in Valuations Quick and Easy.

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Used car dealers typically rely on used car sales managers to quickly assess and value a trade-in, but generally, these inspections are little more than a cursory look of the vehicle. SekurIT gives you a detailed overview of the vehicle, uncovers hidden problems and predicts future maintenance, making trade-in appraisals fast, accurate and easy.

Our services are available for vehicles globally that are from 1996 or newer.

What you get

Hardware, Software&Service

SekurIT platform linked to Cutting-edge and multi-purpose OBD II, Diagnostics, providing security with always-on GPS tracking, reporting and analytics.

No upsells or upgrades, you get what you need and how you need it all the features, every month.

Quickly See What’s wrong

Get detailed diagnostic reports for fast and accurate trade-in valuations.

Get the Right Parts

When something needs to be replaced, SekurITplatform will give you a list of the parts you need. Not just generic names, but OEM specific data, so you’ll get the right parts and the cost for that particular vehicle.

Cost of Repair

If a vehicle in your used car inventory needs repairing, you’ll get a notification, along with the cost and difficulty of the repair.

SekurITlet’s you know if it’s something you can do by yourself or best left to a pro and also estimates the man hours and cost when you decide to hire a Pro.

Emissions Check

The diagnostic report will also inform you whether or not a vehicle will pass a smog check.

Understandable data

You don’t have to be a mechanic to understand our data and reports. We make sure all the information is understandable language.

Preventive Maintenance

SekurIT not only lets you know the current status of your car; it also predicts potential issues down the line, so you can budget for upcoming repairs.


SekurIT will tell you if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test. Know if you’ll pass a “smog” test when it’s time to renew your registration.

Known Issues, Warranty and Recalls

You’ll get a list of known issues, factory recalls and warranty issues that are not included in the manuals that may result in a free repair.

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