Vehicle diagnostics & maintenance for Developers

Don’t be another app that forces it’s users to manually punch in vehicle maintenance – be the app that does it for them.

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A lot of fleet platforms say they offer maintenance, but their version is basically a spreadsheet where users have to punch in the information themselves. Our services allow a user to pull vehicle specific maintenance information from our database so they don’t have to.

Our services are available for vehicles Globally that are from 1996 or newer.

What you get

Simple and accessible telematics

We provide APIs that ease access to vehicle information, issues, and services whenever you need it. We’ve worked out the kinks so you don’t have to.

From jargon to customer ready

SekurIT provides information in easy to understand English. So you or your customers don’t need to be a mechanic to understand our data.

Unified interface for all vehicles

Use our plug and play services to create new or enhance existing platforms. So you can focus on building great ideas and not fighting OEMs and standards.

Smog Check

SekurIT’s diagnostic report also notifies you whether or not a vehicle will pass an emissions test before they go to the testing center for registration renewal.

Auto Populate Your Maintenance app

Push SekurIT recommended maintenance information directly to your platform by vehicle, either all at once if you’d like to store them, or limited to items for specific miles for on the fly access.

Customizable policies

Our services allow for a customizable experience. With SekurIT, you can create your own service reminders or modify any of SekurIT’s existing reminders on a vehicle by vehicle basis.

Automated Management

We don’t think it’s enough to just offer data; we want to offer relevant information, which is why SekurIT has included an end to end maintenance management system, so you don’t need to build your own. We do it for you.

Beyond Generic Definitions

We provide common and OEM proprietary error codes (DTCs) in easy-to- understand language. As well as the severity of the issue, so users know if this issue needs a repair ASAP or not.

Pinpoint Repair

When the check engine light comes on – our service provides verified solutions that include the parts and labor needed and total cost of the repair.

Actionable Information

We also provide the possible causes of a check engine light and TSB matching that may result in a free repair. Also lets users know if a vehicle is able to pass a smog check.

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