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SekurIT offers far more than data you can use for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) or Pay as you Drive (PAYD) services. We provide you with actionable information that is just as useful for your customers as it is for your company, so you can support them before they even realize they need you.

Our services are available for vehicles in North America (including Canada and Mexico) that are from 1996 or newer. Most of our services do not require any hardware installation – the ones that do are otherwise noted.

What you get

Software as a Service

We offer a monthly subscription with no upsells. You get all our features for a fixed price every month.

Tell Your Customers What’s Wrong Faster than a Mechanic

SekurIT gives you a detailed diagnostic report of a vehicle in plain language, without opening the hood.

Indicate Repair Costs for Your Customers

When a vehicle is in need of repair, we give you a list of the specific parts that need replacing, along with the estimated cost and man hours.

Smog Check

SekurIT’s diagnostic report also notifies you whether or not a vehicle will pass an emissions test before they go to the testing center for registration renewal.

Predictive Maintenance

Be aware of problems before they even arise. SekurIT notifies you of potential issues down the line, so you can inform your customers long before they have to call you. Our predictive maintenance also gives you a complete overview of known issues, warranty and recalls that aren’t listed in the service manuals and may result in free repairs.

Let Your Customers Decide

SekurIT will also estimate the level of difficulty for a repair and tell you whether it’s something your customers could do themselves or if they need a mechanic. You will also get a list of the parts needed. No generic names or codes, but the exact parts and cost for a specific vehicle

Platform Independent

Our SaaS platform is easily compatible with other software platforms, so you don’t have to use our features separately.

Save on Customer Support

Your customers will have no problems with plugging in the dongle. SekurIT gives the exact location of a vehicle’s OBD-II port, along a picture of the port itself, including any notes if the port is covered or needs special access.

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