Connects SekurIT DVR CUBE with your mobile phone via the built-in WiFi. Use mobile phone to live preview, playback and download videos at anytime and anywhere


SekurIT DVR CUBE is a tachograph DVR and motion control software, which supports Wi-Fi connection tachograph / Sports DVR, real-time playback and preview, Photo and video editing, Including Geo tagging.

Firmware Download


  • Support Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to SekurIT DVR CUBE vehicle dash cam
  • Support live previewing and playback via mobile phones.
  • Support downloading and watching recorded videos and images on mobile phone
  • Support configuration of the SekurIT DVR CUBE dash cam and settings via the same mobile phone APP
  • Support sharing recorded videos and images to social platforms via APP
  • Supports Geo Tagging and location base service and navigation including speed
  • OTA (Over the Air) firmware upgrade of the SekurIT DVR CUBE dash-cam via mobile APP.