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Product questions

Many vehicles manufactured in the ‘80s and early ‘90s use OBD1 technology, the predecessor to today’s second-generation diagnostics program (OBD2). This first generation OBD system monitors manufacturer-specific systems, but is not universal like OBD2. Some 1994 and 1995 vehicles use OBD1 while others have OBD2 systems. If your vehicle happens to have an early OBD2 system; the SekurIT hand held may plug in, however, there will not be sufficient information in the SekurIT database to tell provide a diagnosis.

Sekurit cannot turn off the check engine light. This is a safety feature that Sekurit has purposefully included to protect our customers; we deliberately opted not to include a function to clear trouble codes.

Unlike conventional diagnostic tools used by automotive technicians, Sekurit is not designed to reset diagnostic indicators such as the ‘Check Engine Light.’ This is deliberate design choice made to protect our customers.

It is not recommended for drivers to turn off their vehicle’s “check engine” light until the pending or current problem has been identified and repairs confirmed. Doing so erases valuable information that may be needed to repair the vehicle, including driving conditions when the light came on. It would be similar to ripping a page out of your medical chart. Your vehicle’s computer holds necessary information designed to fix (or cure) the problem. Your vehicle will often turn off its ‘check engine’ light once the problem has been repaired. This may take longer than when a mechanic does it, but that is a safety feature that Sekurit has purposely included to protect you and your vehicle.

Simply put, until your vehicle is properly repaired by a qualified technician, you should leave the Check Engine Light on.

Sekurit is designed to work on cars, light trucks, SUVs, minivans, and hybrids manufactured for sale in the US since model year 1996. Sekurit does not work on vehicles such as:
  • RVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Sport bikes or other similar recreational vehicles

Will Sekurit work on vehicles 1995 or earlier?

Many vehicles manufactured in the ‘80s and early ‘90s use OBD1 technology, the predecessor to today’s second-generation diagnostics program (OBD2). This first generation OBD system monitors manufacturer-specific systems, but is not universal like OBD2. Some 1994 and 1995 vehicles use OBD1 while others have OBD2 systems. If your vehicle happens to have an early OBD2 system; the Sekurit tester may plug in but there will not be sufficient information in the Sekurit database to tell you what’s wrong.

Savvy consumers always get a second opinion. With SekurIT, you can leverage the expertise of thousands of qualified technicians to know what’s wrong with your vehicle before making an appointment to get it repaired. Plus, catch problems early to reduce cost of ownership and avoid more costly repairs. Read More...

When you buy Sekurit(directly from or through an approved Sekurit reseller,) you buy a standalone working system that works as advertised. There are NO hidden or recurring fees. While we do have additional premium services, they are completely optional. Software updates are always free.

SekurIT handheld testers, mobile and desktop software monitors all of the systems throughout the vehicle that are related to on-board diagnostics. This translates into coverage of approximately 80 percent of the vehicle's systems.

The SekurIT device, website and app are meant to provide a basic overview of probable causes related to engine, electronic and emissions systems in your vehicle. This product should be used as a supplement to a regular automotive maintenance program, which also includes basic mechanical upkeep such as regularly checking your tire pressure, oil and fluids.

SekurIT is able to monitor and test the following:

  • Air Bags / Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
  • Air Conditioning A/C Clutch Status
  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Catalytic Converter(s) Failure
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Clutch Position Sensor
  • Comprehensive Component Monitoring System
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Cruise Control System
  • EGR (Exhaust Gar Recirculation) Valve Problem
  • Engine Control Module Failure
  • Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT)
  • Engine Misfire
  • Engine Oil Monitoring System (If Vehicle Equipped)
  • Engine Speed RPM Input Circuit
  • Evaporative Emissions System Malfunction (EVAP)
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR)
  • Fuel Injector Control System Failure
  • Fuel Sending Unit System
  • Fuel Metering System (Too Rich/Too Lean)
  • Heated Catalyst Monitor System
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor HO2S Circuit
  • Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve Circuit Low Voltage
  • Ignition System Failure
  • Intake Air Control Valve Monitor
  • Intake Air Heater
  • Intake Air Temperature IAT Sensor Circuit High Voltage Knock Control System (Sensor/Circuit)
  • Loose/Missing/Damaged Gas Cap
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Circuit High Voltage
  • Mass Air Flow Circuit/Sensor
  • Non Methane Hydrocarbon (NMHC) Monitor (If Vehicle Equipped)
  • Oxygen Sensor(s) Failure (Sensor/Circuit)
  • Power Stering Pressure System (Sensor/Circuit)
  • Radiator Fan Control System (FC)
  • Secondary Air Injection System
  • Supercharger & Turbocharger/Boost Sensor Malfunction
  • Thermostat
  • Throttle Position (TP) Sensor/Circuit
  • Torque Converter Clutch
  • Transmission Fluid Monitoring System (If Vehicle Equipped)
  • Transmission Shift Solenoids
  • Vacuum Leak Detection
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) system/circuit

SekurIT does not monitor or test:

  • Any mechanical parts)
  • Alarm System
  • Audio/Entertainment System
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Body Damage
  • Brake Pad Wear
  • Door Locks
  • General Fluid Levels
  • Wiper Blades
  • Interior Condition
  • Maintenance History
  • Service Indicator Light (Not to be confused with the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light. The "Service Light" is a courtesy maintenance reminder recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. It is usually tied to vehicle mileage.)
  • Tire Condition
  • Tire Pressure (TPMS)
  • Windows

SekurIT Vehicle History Report provides insights that may impact the value of a vehicle, such as flood or accident damage, previous title issues (like total losses/salvage titles), sales and odometer history.

Some potential problems are difficult or impossible to detect in a visual or mechanical inspection. SekurIT Vehicle History Reports help unearth these potential issues, saving you money and hassles before you buy a used car.

With a SekurIT Vehicle History Report, you'll know if a vehicle:

  • Has been in a major accident
  • Has been reported stolen
  • Has inconsistent odometer readings (a sign of fraud)
  • Has been declared a total loss or has a salvage title
  • Has open liens

In addition, SekurIT Vehicle History Reports includes sales history, market value and the most up-to-date title information.

Please go to App store (for iOS users) and Google Play (for Android users) to download the official SekurIT DVR CUBE APP.

Please download the newest firmware from our official website:

Insert Micro SD Card after device is turned off. Don’t plug Micro SD Card when device is working, otherwise the device may stop working.

Put right hand to hold the bracket and left hand on the device, pull the device and bracket to different directions at the same time.

There might be two reasons: unstable voltage caused by USB cable, or no battery supply caused by dead car charger. Please check them.

Lens maybe not clean enough. Please remove lens sticker and clean the lens.

Please upgrade your App to the newest version. If failed again, please press “Reset” button to restart the device.

Snapshot remote button won't work in any of the conditions as below: a, Without Micro SD Card in device. b, In real-time video playback on the phone. c, Press snapshot remote button more than one time in 10 seconds.

The folder path is APP >> Micro SD Card >> Manual.

The video recording starts work once power on. No need login device in advance.

This feature is to ensure continuous recording. The feature will begin to overwrite previous footage in order to continue recording. Files/footage which are lock-protected or emergency footage will not be overwritten. The default video clip is 3 minutes each. (Note: SekurIT DVR CUBE is not responsible for the loss, corruption, or accidental deletion of footage, and is in no way liable for any damages which may arise from failure of the device or data loss.)

If you want to continue the services in the second year then you pay the same amount you paid for the first year.

Yes. By default, SekurIT comes with once in 3 minutes GPS update. You need to purchase the any of the following upgrades depending upon your definition of real time:

1. 60 second GPS update
2. 30 second GPS update
3. 15 second GPS update

You can find the upgrade pricing for SekurIT/SekurIT Premium from the following page: here

You can find the upgrade pricing for SekurITFleet from the following page: here

If you want the map to automatically refresh the screen then you should also get the Auto Refresh upgrade. Most people, buy the 60 second GPS update along with auto-refresh for real-time GPS which cost a total of $50/vehicle/year on top of the regular SekurIT price. SekurIT Pro comes with 60 sec GPS and auto refresh. So, you may also buy SekurIT Pro (available in some ecommerce platforms) up front if you want to avoid the trouble of buying upgrades separately once you have an account. If you check the math, you will see that you can get real time GPS in SekurIT for a lot less cost.

Your SekurIT device arrived with a quick setup guide. Please follow the instructions.

Go to the login page and click on the “Need Help?” button. You will be asked to enter your email, your device’s IMEI, and a description of the problem. If you have more than one device, just enter one IMEI or the one you are having difficulties with.

You will need to wait for your device to arrive before your can continue logging in to your account. Once your device arrives, please log in again and enter the IMEI to finish unlocking your account.

Go to the login page and click on the Forgot Password button. There are two sections: one to retrieve your password and another to retrieve your username. To retrieve your password, please enter your username. You will then be asked for the answer to your security question that you setup during account creation. To retrieve your username, you will need to enter the email tied to your account. If successful, you will receive and email in approximately 10 minutes. Please also check your spam and junk folders for the email.

The app is available on Android and iPhone from the links below:

Android: SekurIT Android

Apple: SekurIT Iphone

You can have as many vehicles as you have devices, up to a maximum of five. Note that SekurITFleet does not have any limit on the number of vehicles.

Your SekurIT device arrived with a quick setup guide. Please follow the instructions.

The setup guide you received with your device provides a diagram of possible locations your OBDII port is located. Typically, the port is located underneath the steering wheel above the acceleration pedal. The OBDII port is in the shape of a trapezoid.

As of 1996, vehicles sold in the United States are required to have an OBDII port. In Europe, as of January 1, 2001 petrol (gasoline) engine vehicles are required to have an EOBD (equivalent to OBDII) port.

After you have installed the device in your OBDII port, make sure that the engine is on and the car is parked under open sky. Keep the engine on for at least 5 minutes. Turn the engine off. Wait for another 2-3 minutes. Login to your web account or the app and check the Location-By Trip page. Click on the last location pin drop and the popup should show the latest time and date. If that is the time you are expecting, your device has been installed correctly!

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