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SU538S Asset GPS Tracker with Long Standby Time SU538S is a compact, waterproof GPS device designed for asset tracking applications. Mainly used for leasing, credit vehicles, valuable storage and transportation, heavy machinery and equipment rentals, cattle grazing management, automobile, motorcycle electric vehicles and specific goods monitoring.

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GPS+LBS positioning allows the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically Tamper alert Be notified of any unauthorized displacement from original installation 3 years standby time high capacity lithium battery allowing sufficient power supply Multiple alerts Receive low battery and shutdown notices IP66 dust and waterproof, Water-resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment Strong magnetic mounting Strong magnetic cover allowing for flexible installation on vehicles or assets.

Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web Reports location in real time through different interfaces

  • Supports quad bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal.
  • Built-in 4500mAh Super high-capacity zero self-discharge lithium thionyl chloride battery.
  • Standby to three years( Power on and works 10 mins every 24 hours)
  • Strong magnetic.
  • Military grade three anti-performance, waterproof to IP67
  • GPS / LBS dual positioning, support A-GPS
  • User can define working hours by 6 / 12/ 24 / 48-hour working intervals in long standby mode
  • Switch to emergency mode to switch real-time tracking mode
  • Sekurit Tracking Service Platform, app and powered by the world renowned SekurCell Global communication Platform
  • Support Sekurus protocol and API for integration to other platforms

  • Tracking (Start emergency mode )
  • Route Play Back (Start emergency mode )
  • Remote Setting
  • Geo-fence Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Battery voltage reading
  • Ati-Tamper sensor

App Fetures :

With SekurIT SVR, you can capture your every trip, keep track of your vehicle's security, get stats about your Vehicle, and share your experiences along the way. The SekurIT SVR App allows you to connect to SekurIT SVR Device.


  • Automatically capture your every Trip.
  • Set up trips before you set out.
  • See your distance, speed, and heading.
  • Add photos + notes along the way.


  • See all of your recent Trips in your profile.
  • View details of your previous Trips.
  • Add your Vehicle and photos to your Garage.
  • Access the browser-based Triper Dash to view your Trips at home or on the go.


  • View your 's location, wherever you are.
  • Get notifications about your Vehicle's security.
  • Emergency Mode: notify the authorities in case of theft or whenever you need assistance.
  • Take Me To My Vehicle: get step-by-step directions to your Vehicle.
  • SekurIT Trip Security ( Vibration sensor, Geo-Fence, link to Horn or siren, and remote Arm and Disarm).


  • Get stats about your Vehicle 's battery, status, and ignition.
  • Get notified whenever your Vehicle needs maintenance.


  • Share your Trips via SMS, email, and Facebook/Twitter.
  • Update your social feeds with your Trip activity.
  • Set up Location Alerts to automatically notify someone where you're Traveling.

* SekurIT App requires the SekurIT device to function. Visit to find out more information about the SekurIT platform, and to purchase the SekurIT device and accessories.

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