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In this press center you will find up-to- date news and information on Sekurit. It’s designed to provide members of the media with everything from company news to industry stats to ready-to- use graphics.

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Getting started with SekurIt

If your vehicle’s primary diagnostic code matches a repair’s “Associated trouble code”, SekurIT is very certain the repair is the correct one for your vehicle. To get your vehicle’s diagnostic code, you can visit parts stores (such as AAmco NAPA – Part Sours in Canada) and they’ll get it for free or you can purchase a basic OBD II scanner. Or if you’re looking for more information (such as labor times and costs) or have an issue not covered by this article, check out our product here. SekurIT has a solution for 95% of the engine lights on the road today.

Featured Product

Track objects in real time anytime and anywhere using the SekurIT Application. Use the internet via your computer.

Own a Sekurit device ? Or need support or help using it? Or looking for more info? Get started now.

What it is

SekurIT is more than just a diagnostic tool for your vehicle. It’s a portable and easy-to-use device... More

How It Works

We will provide you with detailed instructions on where to find the port to plug in your device... More

Plug it in

Once you’ve plugged in SekurIT, simply turn on the ignition – no need to start the car... More

Diagnosis and Fix

When you connect your device to your computer, you’ll get a detailed report with everything... More

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